"If we allow ourselves to be enchanted by the beauty of the ordinary, we begin to see all things extraordinary."

Dean Koontz

I’m a wife, mother of three, taker of pictures, filmer of quaint home movies, lover of life. I grew up on a farm in Iowa, spent my high school years in Illinois, went to college in Indiana, lived in Pennsylvania for a year, spent 12 years in the suburbs of Columbus, and now am settled in central small town Bellefontaine, Ohio. It's safe to say I'm a midwest girl! (My vacations though, are spent frequently on the East Coast of the Outer Banks or the West Coast of California...the beach will always have my heart.)

My very first job in high school was working at Professor Bellows Emporium  an antique photo booth in an amusement park in Iowa. I suppose you could say that’s where I got hooked on all the aspects of photography  the posing, the clientele, the winning of the "photo of the week" contests. I enjoyed the challenge to make each one different and unique. 

I majored in graphic design in college with an emphasis on photography. The first assignment for my first photography class was to create a pinhole camera and catch an image. For those who don't know, pinhole cameras are rugged DIY cameras that include a lot of black electrical tape and tin cans that have to sit in the same location for a couple of hours for the image to imprint on the paper. My brilliant idea was to set mine under a bench at the local mall to catch the fountain water display. I'm sure you can guess where this is going. I made the tv news that night, when helicopters were landing on top of the mall because of the "bomb" that was found...

In my years with photography, I have many many stories and can't wait to add many more! (Hoping for no more involving bomb squads, however...)